Diana Arterian

Playing Monster :: Seiche was the Editors' Selection for the 1913 Press Prize for First Books in 2016. This is a book-length poem weaving many threads, but predominantly childhood experiences with an abusive father and, as an adult, increasingly aggressive acts made toward the speaker's mother by strange men. Playing Monster :: Seiche is a piece of noir poetics. It is memoir. It is documentary.

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PRAISE       Arterian weaves a family narrative of devastating clarity from letters,
                   found text, memories, and more in her striking debut.
                                                                       Publishers Weekly, ★ review

                   Diana Arterian's poetry is shockingly almost-gentle as it speaks about
                   family violence and childhood terror.
                                                                       — Sarah Vap

                   Playing Monster :: Seiche is a devastating classic. It’s like reading a detective
                   story or “thriller” but with real pain, real consequences.
                                                                       — Alice Notley

                   Tender and cruel, the pathos in here animates me and the writing
                   hunts me. And so I gratefully surrender. 
                                                                       — Lily Hoang

                   By looking terror right in the face and saying what she sees, [Arterian] puts
                   it under her power. This achievement, what she does here—it makes other
                   writing seem like child’s play.
                                                                       — Allison Cobb

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(1913 Press, 2017)
Playing Monster :: Seiche


An Allegory

This manuscript circles around the life of Agrippina the Younger, known for murdering, seducing, and manipulating her way into the most powerful position possible for a woman at the time: Empress of the Roman Empire. The work involves historical poems as well as hybrid pieces regarding the speaker's attempts to learn more about Agrippina's life through travel and research. This manuscript was recently named a finalist for the Tupelo Press Dorset Prize.

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