Diana Arterian

(1913 Press, 2017)

Playing Monster :: Seiche was the Editors' Selection for the 1913 Press Prize for First Books in 2016. This is a book-length poem that weaves childhood experiences with an abusive father and increasingly aggressive acts made toward the speaker's mother by strange men. Playing Monster :: Seiche is a piece of noir poetics. It is memoir. It is documentary.

PRAISE       Arterian weaves a family narrative of devastating clarity from letters,
                   found text, memories, and more in her striking debut.
                                                                       Publishers Weekly, ★ review

                   Playing Monster :: Seiche is a devastating classic. It’s like reading a detective
                   story or “thriller” but with real pain, real consequences.
                                                                       — Alice Notley

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WITH LIGHTNESS & DARKNESS • (Essay Press, 2017)

In the spirit of autotheory, With Lightness & Darkness and Other Brief Pieces, a collection of hybrid essays, employs the self as subject to interrogate the speaker and her long-term partner’s individual identities and relationship, their points of privilege and endured subjugation, in the face of escalating Islamophobia in the U.S. and beyond. While dissecting different facets of oppression—public and private, obvious and obscure—these essays lean on outside sources and multiple voices to illuminate the intricacies of systemic violence.

This electronic chapbook is available as a free PDF.


AMONG MARGINS • (co-editor | Ricochet Editions, 2016)

The anthology Among Margins: Critical & Lyrical Writing on Aesthetics is a collection of some of the most exciting voices in the field of writing, art, and activism. Each contributor considers different aspects of aesthetics, from what beauty means to them to how disability has informed their practice. Here artists and writers dive deep into how notions of identity, language, and history play out in their work.

Includes writing from Kazim Ali, CAConrad, Mary Gaitskill, Carmen Giménez Smith, Brenda Hillman, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Shane McCrae, Eileen Myles, Hoa Nguyen, Alice Notley, Simone White, and more.

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DEATH CENTOS • (Ugly Duckling Presse, second printing 2016)

The chapbook Death Centos includes people's last words just before death, employing the cento form to weave them into poetic pieces.

PRAISE     Here, Joe Hill and John Brown meet Emily Dickinson in that moment
                    before the lights go out. It is a brave and ingenious collection that deserves
                    to be widely read. 
                                                                       — Mark Nowak

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