Diana Arterian

Playing Monster :: Seiche was the Editrix's Pick for the 1913 Press Prize for First Books in 2016. This is a book-length poem weaving many threads, but predominantly childhood experiences with an abusive father and, as an adult, increasingly aggressive acts made toward the speaker's mother by strange men. Playing Monster :: Seiche is a piece of noir poetics. It is memoir. It is documentary.

PRAISE      Playing Monster :: Seiche is a devastating classic. It’s like reading a detective
                  story or “thriller” but with real pain, real consequences. — Alice Notley

                  Tender and cruel, the pathos in here animates me and the writing hunts me.
                  And so I gratefully surrender. — Lily Hoang

                  Diana Arterian's poetry is shockingly almost-gentle as it speaks about family
                  violence and childhood terror. In sparse lyrics and tiny knife-like narratives,
                  memory gasps itself out of language and into the white space—into the awful
                  blanks that such searing language digs out.
— Sarah Vap

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(1913 Press, fall 2017)
Playing Monster :: Seiche

These historical poems explore the life of Agrippina the Younger.

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